Winners List from the County Show Duck Shooting

Justducks 12cm Weighted Racing Duck



Winners List 2016

Matthew Wylie 11.2 sec 

Conal King 12.0 sec voucher received

                                              Erlend Muir 13.0 sec 

D. Johnston 13.3 sec

Thorfinn Muir 13.2 sec

Kieran Budge 14 sec

Ryan Budge 14 sec

Jason Scott 14.3 sec 


Winners List 2015

Andy Hayes   10.5 sec  Voucher received

Thorfinn Muir 11.0 sec

Steve Birrel   11.7 sec

Kyle Achibald   12.0 sec

 Thomas Brookman 13.5 sec

Liam Omand   13.7 sec

Dylan Mowat   13.8 sec

Craig Alsop   14.0 sec Voucher received

Megan Leslie 14.0 sec Voucher received


This year's winners from a very wet show. Thank you all for having a shot. 

Winners list 2014 

Thorfinn Muir 15.0 sec Voucher received

Craig Alsop  15.4 sec Voucher received

Lauren Currie  18.0 sec 

Eiliot Brookfield  20.0 sec

Conal King  20.0 sec Voucher received

Derek Johnston  21.6 sec

David Currie  22 sec

 Matt Butcher  23.6 sec Voucher received

Jamie Guild  26.0 sec

Jake Sinclair 26.7 sec


Winners from 2013 who still need to claim their £25 vouchers 

Mark Shearer 15.0 sec

Glen Brough  16.1 sec

Ross Linklater  16.1 sec

Finley Gray  17.0 sec 


If you see your name on either of these lists please send me an email at and I will arrange to give you your £25 voucher.