Come aboard the Scallop Fishing boat the Sheila C for a wonderful trip around the Great Harbour Scapa Flow 

Come aboard the Sheila C for a wonderful excursion around the world's largest natural harbour Scapa Flow, the base for the British Grand Fleet during both World Wars and the last resting place of the German High Seas Fleet which scuttled here on the 21st of June 1919.


The Sheila C is a 23 foot (7 metre) Scallop fishing boat powered by twin 90 horse power engines with a top speed of 34 knots. We can carry up to 6 passengers around The Flow at a cost of £80 per hour..    

Let the two qualified skippers Magnus Spence and Magnus Woolham give you a great history/nature tour of these usually calm waters around what remains of one of the most heavily defended war bases in the world and amongst the beautiful wildlife that make these waters and coastlines their home. From Seabirds, to Seals, Basking Sharks and the very occasional Whale and Dolphin we will try and make it a trip you will never forget.

In July 2013 we were very fortunate to see some Orcas and then in August a pod of Dolphins. Here is a very quick video of some of the footage we filmed, accompanied by music from local Burray band Saltfishforty.


Though Scapa Flow will hopefully never play host to the British Grand Fleet again in a World War, there is still strong memories of the Navy's time here and occasionally they come back for a visit. This is HMS Ark Royal, the then flag ship of the Royal Navy, at anchor in 2009 off the island of Flotta (like so many ships in the past), during what turned out to be her very last visit as she was decommissioned a year later. Orkan Adventures ran excursions out to her during her short stay. 


Whilst trying to dive for scallops Magnus Spence found himself being circled by a very inquisitive Seal


 A common trip we offer 

As a suggestion for you to consider, a frequent route we take for a boat trip is from Burray to the island of Switha, via the wartime defenses at the main entrance to Scapa Flow, where there is a seal haul out/breeding ground and a small Puffin colony. We then head south of the island of Flotta to the former Naval base at Lyness where we drop everybody off for an hour or so to visit the war museum and café and then go round the north of Flotta past the oil terminal and a couple of other historical sites on our way back to Burray.



That trip normally requires 3hrs at sea and will take over 4
depending on how long is spent at the museum but could be covered in 1.5 hours at sea in good weather and with no stops (other than the museum) if you really wanted. The reason I differentiate between sea time and total time is that we only charge for the time you are in the boat so time ashore at the museum therefore does not influence the price of the trip.


In August 2013 we were taking Colin Keldie out on a boat trip when we came across about a 25 feet long Basking Shark here is a small video that Colin took from the Sheila C using his underwater camera.   


           The Remains of the Anti-Submarine net at the Calf of Flotta


We are also happy to do tailor made trips for you including excursions to the small Islands in Scapa Flow where other people rarely go.  

 We run all year round!!

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Some more of Saltfishforty live from Glasgow