Check the state of the sea conditions at Barrier number two so you can plan your journey to Burray or the Orkney Mainland. See first hand if the Barrier is open or closed and save yourself the pain of sitting in your car waiting for them to re-open. 

Our trial which had extended beyond the original end date of 24th June is now finally over.  Our intention at the moment is to try to feed it directly to our website from the camera but this will mean that if more than one person is viewing the camera at the same time the quality of the image will suffer. This will of course not be satisfactory in the winter time when a lot of people are trying to monitor the weather conditions on the barriers so whilst we are still trying to find financial assistance we would like to enlist your help to demonstrate the interest there is out there in maintaining the camera stream online. Therefore, if it is at all important to you to be able to view the camera we would love to receive your comments and reasons on our guestbook. That way it will be much easier for us to show the local authorities etc that the camera stream is worth maintaining. Thank you all in anticipation.