Check the state of the sea conditions at Barrier number two so you can plan your journey to Burray or the Orkney Mainland. See first hand if the Barrier is open or closed and save yourself the pain of sitting in your car waiting for them to re-open. 

Currently the camera service will only support 20 concurrent viewers so if you ever see a message saying that the service is 'over subscribed' please let us know as soon as possible and we will request an upgrade, thank you.

Lightning Damage Avoidance: In view of the amount of damage we sustained in December 2014 we have decided that if there is a threat of lightning in the vicinity we will temporarily disconnect the camera until such time as the threat has past. You will therefore find the camera to be unavailable during these periods.

The major obstacle to high quality webcam service remains the old telephone lines and inferior exchange equipment  which are suffered by the entire county of Orkney and much of rural Scotland, this is due entirely to BT's effective monopoly on infrastructure & consequential lack of investment in areas of lower profitability. (nb, these comments are the corporate view of Triscom Technology Ltd, and not necessarily those of Orkan Adventures'!)